5 Celebrities Who Are Also Good at DJing

Discover DJ talents of celebrities like Idris Elba and Elijah Wood. From techno beats to disco grooves, these stars prove their musical mettle.

5 Celebrities Who Are Also Good at DJing
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  • PublishedMarch 12, 2021
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For fans of techno and electro dance music, the thrill of watching a celebrity rock the DJ booth is unmatched. However, skepticism often shadows these events due to past disappointments, leading fans to shy away. But we’re here to flip the script with a rundown of five stars whose DJ skills are as impressive as their day jobs. These brave souls have not only stepped onto the DJ stage; they’ve owned it. Let’s meet the eclectic mix of celebrities who’ve turned tables and expectations.

Idris Elba

Beyond his heroic roles and standing guard at the mythical Bifrost, Idris Elba has been spinning decks with a passion that rivals his acting. The British actor, famed for his role in “The Wire“, was mixing beats long before his breakthrough. Elba’s sets, described by the man himself, weave through techy beats, progressive rhythms, and bass-heavy house music, proving his versatility both on-screen and behind the turntables.

Elijah Wood

Known globally as Frodo Baggins from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, Elijah Wood has another identity that might surprise you: a DJ. Alongside Zach Cowie, Wood forms “Wooden Wisdom“, a duo that blends disco grooves with electro-techno tracks in an eclectic fashion. Forget “DJ Frodo” – their real moniker is as unique as their sound, and they’re inviting guesses in the comments!

Kristian Nairn

Before “Game of Thrones” introduced us to the gentle giant Hodor, Kristian Nairn was already a seasoned DJ, gracing Irish clubs and international festivals alike. With over two decades of experience, Nairn’s performances have thrilled audiences worldwide, including at the iconic Tomorrowland. His transition from DJ decks to the small screen and back is as seamless as his mixes.

Shaquille O’Neal

An electrifying presence in both sports and entertainment, Shaquille O’Neal, or “DJ Diesel“, brings the same energy to the DJ scene. Despite seeming like a newcomer, Shaq’s familiarity with turntables dates back to the ’80s. From Tomorrowland to hosting his own “Shaq’s Fun House“, he proves that his talents extend far beyond basketball.

Sasha Grey

If a list of DJing celebrities were ever compiled, Sasha Grey would undoubtedly top it. Since stepping away from her previous career in 2009, Grey has made waves across the media and music scenes. Known for her electronic soundscapes and collaborations with artists like Infected Mushroom and Death In Vegas, Grey’s musical journey is a testament to her diverse talents.

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