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9-Facts You’ve Never Heard of About Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz, the techno queen, who was born in the far lands of Russia, in the south of Siberia, is today one of the first name we are looking for

9-Facts You’ve Never Heard of About Nina Kraviz
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  • PublishedSeptember 11, 2021
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Nina Kraviz, the techno queen, who was born in the far lands of Russia, in the south of Siberia, is today one of the first name we are looking for in festivals. The experiences that brought the DJ, who we know with her colorful and interesting life story, are quite remarkable. The misfortune she had at the music academy in 2005, the fact that she was a dentist, her relationships and her debut song in 2012 is like a brief summary of her extraordinary career. But now let’s see her accomplishments and experiences that you have never known or perhaps heard of.

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Her first project in her education period was about a promotion for a cigarette brand.




Apart from her successful DJ career, some other occupations are respectively: being dentist, FanZine writer, local radio host and writer for the famous Russian magazine.



          (Famous Russian magazine, ПТЮЧ)

             (In medical education years)                                                      


Have you heard of Damela Ayer before? This name was the alias that Kraviz used to perform early on.



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Hugo Boss may be one of the first brand that comes to mind when we talk about perfume. Have you seen this before?



(Nina Kraviz, Hugo Boss Fashion Show, Berlin, 2018 Edition)


She was the one who was booking young talents at Caviar Lounge, one of Russia’s booking agencies.



She could not go to Seattle Music Academy in 2005, where she was accepted to receive instruction in music and to certify her professional career, due to a visa problem. She completed her education at Melbourne Academy the following year.



(Nina Kraviz, Melbourne Academy, 2006)


So how long do you think Nina Kraviz can finish off her tracks? Nina explains: 

“Some tracks that I came up with in 4 minutes, like “Fire.” I spent exactly as much time writing it as the song lasts. I was at home alone with my headphones on, and lit some candles. I played a nice synth-pad and listened to my own voice through some effects. I went deeper in this sort of meditative state and in the first take sung about what I was feeling. “Ghetto Kraviz” was written in 40 minutes. “I’m Gonna Get You” took a few hours.”

(Nina Kraviz, Fire, made in just 4 minutes according to her)

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In an interview, Kraviz is asked what makes her laugh the most. The answer is her boyfriend’s rejection to her marriage proposal.



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Yoko Ono, one of Japan’s greatest modern-day musicians and artists, wife of John Lennon and one of the representatives of the avant-garda movement, is a Nina Kraviz fan. Yoko Ono personally invites Kraviz to a festival, but Kraviz turns down the invitation.


(Yoko Ono, BELLS FOR PEACE, Manchester International Festival)

Today, we have gathered some interesting unknown facts about Nina Kraviz. You can express your comments and thoughts about this series, and let us know which artist you are looking for the next episode.

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