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2023 New Year’s Eve (NYE) Techno Music Events

Here’s a curated list of some must-attend techno music events to ring in the 2023 New Year’s Eve by Techno Airlines.

2023 New Year’s Eve (NYE) Techno Music Events
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  • PublishedNovember 12, 2023
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As we approach the end of 2023, the techno music scene is gearing up for an electrifying array of 2023 New Year’s Eve techno music events that promise to deliver unforgettable experiences for techno-heads.

What Are The 2023 New Year’s Eve (NYE) Techno Music Events?

From pulsating beats to immersive visuals, here’s a curated list of some must-attend techno music events to ring in the 2023 New Year’s Eve:

Awakenings 2023 New Year’s Eve (NYE) – Gashouder & By Night | 28-31 December 2023 > 24′

  • Location: Gashouder, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Description: Awakenings New Year’s will celebrate 2023 New Year’s Eve and the days before at Amsterdam’s stunning Gashouder. The first part of the event will commence on the evening of Thursday, December 28, 2023, and will conclude on Sunday, December 31. The second part of the event will kick off on Sunday, December 31, 2023, and will extend into the early hours of Monday, January 1, 2024, marking the New Year’s celebration. You can check their lineup on the website.

Website | By Night & Gashouder | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

FCKNYE Festival Brussels | 30-31 December 2023 > 24′

  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Description: For those craving a fusion of retro vibes and cutting-edge techno, the FCKNYE at De Miramar Brussels is the place to be. Expect a mind-bending audio-visual spectacle that seamlessly blends the nostalgia of synthwave with the energy of techno music.

Website & Tickets & Lineup | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

FCKNYE Festival Lyon 2023 New Year’s Eve (NYE)

FCKNYE Festival Lyon 2023 New Year’s Eve (NYE) has been canceled. You can read the festival’s announcement here. They said:

Note regarding FCKNYE Lyon: “Unfortunately, we cannot organize an event in Lyon this year. The Eurexpo Center is no longer able to welcome us. Finding another suitable venue to offer an evening as ambitious as those of 2019 and 2022 was impossible. We wholeheartedly hope to be able to return to the City of Lights soon. You will find more information on this decision in our dedicated press release.

Verknipt 2023 NYE Specials | 30-31 December 2023 > 24′

  • Location: Klokgebouw Cultuurhallen, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Description: Verknipt host their 2023 New Year’s Eve party this December 2023 in Klokgebouw Cultuurhallen, Eindhoven. As with all Verknipt events, this end-of-year celebration will showcase the finest underground electronic music, with the hardest artists out there, that will provide an extra special Verknipt show to end the year on a high note.

Website & Tickets | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Free Your Mind Festival 2023 New Year’s Eve (NYE) Special | 31 December 2023 > 24′

  • Location: Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Description: Free Your Mind Festival 2023 New Year’s Eve (NYE) Amsterdam masterfully orchestrates a symphony of pulsating techno beats, inviting revelers into a world where the music and the moment converge into an unparalleled celebration. As the clock ticks closer to welcoming 2024, on December 31st, 2023, Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam transforms into a haven where 12,000 techno enthusiasts immerse themselves in an auditory experience that transcends the typical 2023 New Year’s Eve fare. Free Your Mind Festival 2023 New Year’s Eve (NYE) Rotterdam transforms the illustrious Ahoy Rotterdam into an electrifying realm where the beats of techno music pulse through the air, captivating thousands in a symphony of lights, sound, and celebration. On the cusp of the new year, the city will embrace a night where spectacle and sound collide, offering an immersive techno journey helmed by some of the industry’s foremost artists. You can check their lineup on the website.

Website & Amsterdam Tickets & Rotterdam Tickets | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Galactica New Year’s Eve (NYE) 4-Days Festival | 29-31 December 2023 > 24′

  • Locations:
    • 29 December 2023 – Rock Island, Rimini
    • 30 December 2023 – Altromondo Studios, Rimini
    • 31 December 2023 – Fiera di Rimini, Rimini
    • 1 January 2024 – Cocoricò, Riccione
  • Description: There is a place over the sky, a deep and sweet darkness. It’s the ancient sound of our existence. You are no more innocent; you are a Galactica invader, and you are going to get lost for four days here. Make sure to secure your tickets early, as these events are expected to sell out fast. Get ready to dance your way into the New Year amidst the pulsating beats of the techno music scene!

Website & Tickets | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

AUM New Year’s Eve (NYE) Festival 2023

  • Location: Leightons Farm, Auckland
  • Description: Welcome to AUM New Year’s Festival 2023. This summer will be the ninth edition of AUM, a camping, music, and arts festival held over New Year’s. Three nights of wholesome fun across multiple zones and areas, all set in a breathtaking coastal Kānuka forest location an hour north of central Auckland. AUM’s passion for the highest-quality sound, visuals, lights, and production will be on show with music spanning psytrance, techno, drum and bass, psychedelic rock, dub, house, disco, downbeat, and more split across four distinct stages hosting over 100 artists.

Website & Tickets | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

How to Celebrate 2023 New Year’s Eve at Home With Techno Music?

Besides attending techno music events, there are several other ways for people to immerse themselves in the techno music scene and make the most out of their New Year’s celebrations:

Pre-Party Mix Sessions

Before heading out to the main event, consider hosting a pre-party with friends. Create a playlist of favorite techno tracks, mix some beats, and set the mood for an exciting night ahead.

Virtual Reality (VR) Raves

Explore virtual reality (VR) techno experiences. Some platforms offer immersive VR raves where you can attend events from the comfort of your home, experiencing the music in a visually stunning digital environment.

DIY Light and Sound Setup

Enhance your at-home celebration by creating a DIY light and sound setup. Invest in some quality speakers, set up dynamic lighting, and recreate the club atmosphere in your own space.

Techno-Themed Dinner Party

Host a techno-themed dinner party for a unique New Year’s celebration. Combine great food with techno beats and encourage guests to dress in their favorite rave-inspired outfits.

Techno Music Workshops

Attend techno music workshops or masterclasses if available in your area. Learn more about the genre, DJing, or music production to deepen your appreciation for the art form.

Explore Techno Art Installations

Seek out techno-inspired art installations or exhibits in your city. Some cultural spaces may feature multimedia art experiences that blend visual art with electronic music.

Community Meetups

Connect with fellow techno enthusiasts by joining online communities or meetup groups. Share experiences, discover new tracks, and potentially find smaller, intimate techno gatherings happening in your local area.

Document Your Experience

Whether attending events or celebrating at home, document your techno New Year experience. Capture photos, record videos, or even start a journal to remember the beats and moments that made your celebration special.


Remember, the techno music scene is not just about the events but also the community and the shared love for the music. Embrace the spirit of techno culture in whichever way resonates with you, and let the beats guide you into a memorable New Year celebration! For more techno music events and features, stay tuned to Techno Airlines!

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