Whereafter Apple Monetized, Spotify Also Streams DJ Mixes

Spotify announced that a special platform was designed for DJ mixes and shared the news with their followers.

The fundamental productions introduced with the mixes of Adam Beyer and Noisia at the beginning of October and you can take a look at it below.

The streaming company is currently in agreement with only 8 regions to begin with. These regions include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. In their official declaration, they stated that this service will soon expand to other regions.

In this way, an issue that artists have been in doubt and worried about comes to an end, and they can easily find the opportunity to share their tracks safely and freely, hereupon. Moreover, many rising DJ stars, who do not earn much from their mixes, will now be self-funded, thus gaining the opportunity to improve their works. We support this process, which started with Apple and continues with Spotify, and we follow the developing DJ broadcasting industry with great excitement.

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