Vaccination Mandatory in NYC

One of the most populated region on the American continent, New York City is now mandated for vaccination for indoor activities.

Since the beginning of August, the govern of the New York City came into force with vaccination over indoor activities, such as concerts, pubs, dining or even exercising. Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York City, has reported that full implementation of that will be started in mid-September. Therefore, everyone will acquire a vaccination card or digital vax-port that will be accompanied with NYC apps, called “Key to NYC Pass.”  That is why if you want to attend any event in the coming days in New York zone, do not forget to go without your vaccinations.

The process of this application is similar to that of European work. But this one will be the first in the U.S. since the beginning of pandemic era. This practice has become a necessity, especially with the increase in the effect of delta variant. Some other states, like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C., have brought applications such as masks back into effect as a result of Covid-19 delta variant.

Considering that many people are anti-vaccine and unaware of these practices, the New York mayor, de Blasio made the following statement:

“We think it is so important to make clear that if you are vaccinated, you get to benefit in all sorts of ways. You get to live a better life. Besides your health in general, you get to participate in many, many things. And if you’re unvaccinated, there are going to be fewer and fewer things that you’re able to do.”

As for the part about ‘homecoming’ concerts or parties, we asked the mayor about it and got this response: “Our homecoming concerts are going to be amazing. But if you want to go to one, you have to be vaccinated. That’s a requirement” de Blassio said.