ULTRA25: Special Edition of 25th Anniversary

The legendary brand, which is the symbol of electronic dance music and celebrating its 25th year, Ultra Records has prepared a remix compilation.

The compilation album ULTRA25-The Remixes, which went on sale last week, includes the most well-known, memorable and symbolic pieces of the quarter century. From Solardo to Sanchez, and Helion to Pitbull, the company included all the names that have left their mark under the roof of Ultra music label company.

“It connects the past with the present in the best possible way. I love connecting one music culture with another to make something brand new. Things like that have created huge moments in Ultra’s history”

summed up, Patrick Moxey, the compilation remix they created, in his words.

Founded by Patrick Moxey in New York in 1995, the company made an alliance with Sony Music in 2012. Increasing its power, sound and prestige day by day, the brand is in its 25th year and the establishment followed by all music lovers today. The company, which has been nominated and appreciated in the Best Dance Recording, Best Dance Electronic Album, and Best Music Film categories, including Grammy Awards, is at the top among of these genres.

Among the brand artists that summarize 25 years of tradition with the album consisting of 9 tracks, there are works by Vintage Culture, John Summit and Galantis, the remixed tracks from SOFI TUKKER and Benny Benassi, whose influence remains today. You can listen to the entire playlist above and access the ULTRA25 compilation album by using your preferred music service, here.