UK Live-event Industry Seeks Support

The head of the UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DCMS) has requested for the Chancellor of Exchequer to grant insurance for upcoming festivals in live music events.

The chairman of the committee Julian Knight, the member of the Parliament, has written to the chancellor about a proposal upon live event sector. It is about a policy that aims to ease the conditions for music events that will held in 2021. In his statement, Knight is emphasizing the cultural and economic importance of live event industry.

In the previous year, numerous events and festivals had to be cancelled due to epidemic, although some of them were lucky enough to be held online or re-arranged with difficulties. The live event industry has already been making loss in profits up to 90 percent, so it is obvious that another year would perish this industry. To resurrect the industry, Knight states that:

“insurance is of the utmost importance…Whatever form it takes, businesses need to be able to access reliable insurance schemes to get back on track”

It is known that over hundreds of associations have already signed the letter for support. You can see the list of supporters below the page, and can reach all the details about the letter, here.