Turn the Tables: Your Favourite DJs’ Recipes

The book on DJs’ recipes with an organization carried out in Germany will support the Open Music Lab music school in Berlin.

Supported by the idea put forward by Eira Haul, the charity reveals the recipes of DJs who were stuck in the kitchen during the corona period. The book, which is intended for 60 different DJs, comes up with a special recipe for each artist. All proceeds from the book will be donated to the Open Music Lab in Berlin on a voluntary basis.

The book is now on the shelves. Here are a few highlights and exemplary recipes from the book:

  • Red Kuri Squash Laksa” by Kangding Ray
  • Orange Turkey Rice Bowl” by Nathan Micay
  • Aloo Paratha” by Amotik
  • No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Torte” by Eira Haul

(Red Kuri Squash Laksa, described in the book by Kangding Ray)

You can order and check details about the cookbook here.