Tulum Parties Became Covid-19 Centers

Recently, the rate of deaths of corona has dramatically increased especially in Mexico.

The seaside town of Mexico, Tulum is now became the hot point for Covid-19. According to the scientific data, it is now the third highest-rated place of pandemic. The region which is significantly effected especially in the last couple of months restiricted for numerous events today. For this reason, the city’s governor, Carlos Joaquín González, had to apply mandatory restrictions in the area.

The region had become the center of event and music lovers, both due to its mild climate and good weather conditions, and because it was not affected by any restrictions so far. DJ Snakeman, the duo in Father&Son, for example, explains why they prefer this region.

“We were in Ibiza and as everywhere was closed down we decided to come to Tulum. It was the only place in the world that parties were happening and everything was open.”

DJ, who was previously Covid, stated that he was immune from this situation and, therefore, was comfortable on the stage. Previous studies have shown that people who previously had the virus have a low risk of recurrence for a certain period. That’s why the DJ insisted that citizens who had not been caught before not to leave the house.

“If the people didn’t have it yet, of course, they have to be careful because the virus can be dangerous but for my part, I don’t know if it’s necessary to shut down the whole economy”

On the other hand, the Argentinian organizer, Agustine, stated that people from around the world are escaping from restrictions and come here to get fresh air.

“We don’t need famous DJs or, in my opinion, festivals. That’s not good for Tulum, because that drives too much attention and when it gets on the news in America, they [the government] put more restrictions on people flying in, so I don’t support big events.”

Although people have refreshed themselves, no matter how much economic income the local regions and clubs provide, the fact that health problems reach this level gives dangerous signals about the future not only in this region, but all around the world of music events. That’s why we advise event fans to take precautions as best they can and not to travel to areas that are determined to be unsafe. Keep your distance, protect yourself, your health and future.