The Youth in UK Protest for Protection Against Spiking/Injecting

Lately there have been disgusting circumstances such as drink spiking and injection in nightclubs in the UK. Awaring of this, ravers have revolted and will gather this week to boycott local venues.

Students, teenagers and ravers come together on the British Isle for unity, health, support and prevention against crimes like drink spiking/injection rising in nightclubs. Injection or spike incidents into drinks made especially for women became the agenda of the whole country. As the measures were not taken adequately and the incidents increased, groups with a majority of students gathered and called for protests and boycotts. According to the plan, each venue will be boycotted for at least one night during the protests, which will last for two weeks.

A website has been designed for the map and the meeting point, where the clubs to be boycotted throughout the country are divided for several local regions, you can take a look here.

On the other hand, university students continue to appeal to more general audiences and raise awareness with their awareness-raising articles on social media. The communities that touch on the main themes such as “Prevention”, “Welfare” and “Support” have done very well so far.

Several clubs across the country have already addressed the issue. Clubs such as Wire in Leeds, Stealth and PRYZM first confirmed that they will take extra security measures for these situations at the entrance and also exit. Then, they announced that special caps and stoppers were designed for bottles and glasses to be used for drinking. It is thought that these measures will spread and increase in the future.

“In March, all our bar staff, security and office staff completed the Good Night Out campaign training, that tackles sexual assault, spiking, racism, all the horrible stuff. We also have QR codes everywhere onsite that say “Have you been spiked?” When scanned, these take you to an information sheet.”

quoted Josiah Worth from Liverpool venue 24 Kitchen Street.


You can find more information about the work led by the UON First Aid and Girls Night in Nottingham team here.