The Price of Fashion is Measured with DJing

Telfar Clemens, the popular fashion designer of recent period, stated that the prices of the bags produced were adjusted in accordance with the DJ fees.

“I would earn my money through DJing gigs so I wanted it to be the price that you would get DJ’ing one DJ gig.” 

It is possible to see the works of the artist, who is stand out and noticed in the art community, everywhere. With this statement, Telfar tells us how he spends his nightlife and how he came to this place. Leaving aside his high demand products, this statement brought him to the agenda.

However, this incident and statement is not Telfar’s first striking thing. The company, which had been in conflict with another leading fashion brand in the past, launched the exact same product with the ‘G’ logo as a ‘T’ and had no hesitation at all. As a result, the other firm pulled its product from the market and publicly shared their messages condemning this shameful act.

Below the page, you can reach and watch the full interview made by Telfar about the incidents told above.