The Nightlife and Live-event Are Still Absent in Netherland

It is announced for the public that the nightclub, festival and live-event sector has been closed for couple of weeks due to increasing cases in pandemic.

Cases increased in Europe and especially in the Netherlands were gathered under the group of age around 30. This led Dutch governement to brought back the closure and distance rules applied in the last period. DutchNews has reported that the cases multiplied 7 times bigger when the doors are re-opened after June. Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister, announced last month as a result of the data that shows 7000 cases reported just in a day.

The rules to be applied can be summarized as follows:

  • Curfew will continue until the end of the period.
  • Seated venues are eligible, but be careful about the obligations (mask, test, distance, time etc.)
  • You need to be tested maximal 24 hours earlier in order to get into venues.
  • Nightclubs, festivals and live-events will absolutely be remained closed.

The new decision of the ministry will be determined by the session to be held at this weekend. So the status of nightclubs, events and organizations will be cleared fews days later.