The Mindblowing ‘Legalised’ Tobacco Accessory

New-school poducts have been developed that allow fans to enjoy in luxury and comfort at anytime in the parties, festivals or venues.

Especially with some tobacco products that have been legalized in major European and American countries or cities recently, festival attendees focuse more on supplying and consuming products easily and practically day by day. However, some entrepreneurs have taken some steps to accelerate and facilitate this consumption. So much so that with the box developed by a Swiss company, fans can quickly prepare their products and get ready to consume in just a moment.

This practical yet luxurious product designed by oneGee includes stainless steel grinder, spoon, cutting card with two carbon fiber straws. This product seems to be very useful for the smokers who find it difficult to find a place while the party goes on, concentrating on the DJ set or when the beat reaches its climax. Just open the wooden box and get your card with a grinder. They also designed a fragrance to enamour the clients. Those who want to examine can reach it via this link.

The product, which can be easily delivered to every country due to its legality, is not only useful, but also costs a bomb a bit. Yet the substances are washable and produced with microfiber technology, stands out with its hygienic entity.

With the liberation of people, the emergence of practical and pleasure-based products in consumer societies will increase as in the example above. Regardless of the purpose of use, such entrepreneurial and creative minds will remain to appear in every single field.