The Instructor DJ Travels All Around the California

Ricardo Castorena wanders the entire state with his set to raise awareness about the pandemic era and vaccination.


The situation seems a bit out of control, especially in the United States, with a lot of worries and unfounded news spreading around. It should be noted that this situation is even more critical in rural areas.

Elizabeth Strater, who works within the UFW (United Farm Workers), states that one out of every 3 farmers has been infected by the coronavirus so far. Another study found that this proportion corresponds to 5% of the entire country, and also that only 18% of agriculture and farmers were tested.

The problem at the moment is that the vaccination to be made in these regions and sections is affected by false information coming around and that farmers are extremely afraid of this situation. Some of these legends are as follows; that the vaccine can be processed into our DNA or that there is a microchip in this vaccination process.

Ricardo Castorena comes to our rescue at this point. Former instructor and DJ, struggling with legends and fake news, visit the farms and raise awareness among people.

The DJ, who gathered the workers and farmers in the California region around him with the performances he made with his set and raising their awareness in the meantime, applied a social aid work.

He reflected his observations and opinions about this situation as follows:

“I told them, if you get vaccinated, I’m gonna throw your farm a carne asada party. So now, I had to go have a carne asada party in the middle of a field, which I’ve done many times. But there’s always these funny ways to convince them, right? Because we’re, in our culture, la fiesta is everything.”

You can see the full story of Castorena here.