The Greatest Cannabis/Marijuana Festival Ever

The largest scaled experience ever organized in the United States was at Grass Lands.

Companies and events that realize the importance of working together rather than competition decided to meet in the biggest organization. The organizers and producers, as well as the artists who supported it from the beginning, embraced it, thus events like Outside Lands were put into practice.

Grass Lands celebrated their fourth year in San Francisco at the meeting held in the first weeks of August. The best thing about the program created by the larger organizers and it was that the participants could smoke cannabis freely, in safe and permitted areas.

Today, the Outside Lands festival is widely seen as the meeting place for the partyheads, but now almost everyone realizes that Grass Lands is the largest and most global experience that they could have ever attend.

So who participated in this organization and made their contributions? Traditional, seen as the god of buds, took its place with a considerable discount to participants. High Times products were on the shelves, with legal herbs approaching the highest THC content. Famous for its toughest and most fascinating products that bring the instinct of worship, STIIIZY blew those who came. These were, of course, one of the few brands that accompanied Grass Lands‘ packed weekend.

We will never forget the name of Steve Welkom from Another Planet Entertainment, who was responsible for this whole gathering, who worked with great devotion, calculated its potential well and completed the result victorious. Welkom shared his adventure as follows:

“This year almost half of our products are local and social equity owned. We have a big equity push… in fact there was a panel out there talking about social equity and I was surprised to see how many people were there puffing away enjoying that situation. It’s pretty remarkable to have a situation where it’s legal for both sales and consumption at a festival.”

In today’s conditions, the most important point for a smoker has become legal authority. Otherwise, such formations in which way prevent paranoia will create a common culture and festivals for us. There are many heroes behind the curtain in the analysis of the process that even thinking about a few years ago created huge problems.