The Corona Test-Kit Succesfully Passed in Spanish Pilot Concert

In the pilot concert organized by Primavera Sound, a new technique called “antigen detection” was tried.

The scientific findings give promising signals about the return of indoor music events that are obtained from the pilot concert held in December with the participation of 463 people at the nightclub Sala Apolo in Barcelona.

The pilot concert took place on December 12th, that is organized by Spain-based festival Primavera Sound and under the supervision of Germans Trias Hospital, one of the health institutions in the city, and the Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation (FLSIDA).

People, involved in the scientific project and aged between 18 and 59, were divided into two as control and experimental groups. In addition to 463 people who attended the pilot concert, 496 people, who did not attend the concert, were also subjected to the same tests.

At first, everyone who participated in the study was tested two weeks before the event took place. Participants with negative test results were, then, divided into control and experimental groups. The experimental group of 463 people was subjected to the “antigen detection” test, which gave rapid results in 15 minutes before their entrance to the concert, and entered the concert area with a mask provided that it could be took off only while drinking. The pilot concert, in which there was no social distance measures were applied, lasted five hours.

Participants in the control and experimental groups were re-tested for viruses eight days after the pilot concert. While there was not anu coronavirus infection was found in anyone in the experimental group attending the concert, the test of two people in the control group who did not attend the concert was positive.

The investigators stated that participating in live music events with the help of rapid tests performed on the same day and the implementation of certain security measures does not have an effect that causes an increase in coronavirus infection.