Tape Leader: The Most Comprehensive British Electronic Music Book

Written by Ian Helliwell and published by Velocity Press, the book named Tape Leaders: A Compendium Of Early British Electronic Music Composers is a collection that mentions great names, such as Brian Eno and Janet Beat.

About 5 years ago, led by Ian Helliwell, an article about 100 musicians, which was started to be written in magazines on tape and electronic music, has been turned into a book as of today. Beyond the article presented to Sound on Sound at the time, this book reflects the broadest British electronic dance music culture to the readers.

The book, which has an encyclopedic form, covers not only names such as Brian Eno, Janet Beat and William Burroughs, but also bands such as The Beatles and White Noise, starting from the 1950s and 60s. As Britain left its mark on the era of this genre, the work, which focuses on tape and recording on the island, also demonstrates the development stages of synthesizers.

(Ian Helliwell, the writer of the Tape Leaders)

In addition to all these, the Tape Leaders offers its readers surprise discs as well as unpublished tape and synthesizer works of that period, which can be considered as the first and pioneering works.

In the coming days, Velocity Press is organizing an event at The Social venue for the release of the Tape Leaders book on November 8th. At the event, where Oli Freke will be a guest and all readers will be invited, we will see dialogues about the development of synthesizer, electronic music and the book with Ian Helliwell.

You can visit this site for more information about the book, and this site to purchase it for optional prices between £6.00 – £24.00. Have a pleasure on reading.