Spotify’s developing of their own karaoke

Spotify’s possible action on details revealed just as Twitch closed ‘Sings’ app.


Twitch, the live streaming platform owned by Amazon, announced that they will close their karaoke app, Twitch Sings, in January next year, by a blog posted on Friday.

Twitch announced that they start removing videos and clips from the app beginning from December 1st, and will close the app due to “in accordance with its contractual obligations”, which is currently licensed by about 180 music producers globally.

According to Twitch’s statement, the app is going to get closed due to the decision of “the firm has decided to invest in broader tools and services that will help support and grow the entire music community.”

Timing of Twitch’s statement is interesting, because the announcement appeared just as we learned Spotify’s developing of their own karaoke.

The new and yet unavailable Spotify Karaoke Mode is first noticed by famous reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong. Wong uses her speciality to see what tests companies are applying by examining the codes of various applications. Manchun had already discovered the features of Spotify’s video podcasts and virtual concerts.

With the discovery of Spotify’s Karaoke Mode, it draws attention that the volume of the vocals in songs could be optimized. Wong shared a screenshot about the confidential feature of vocals’ turning on and off movement via her social media.