Spain does not Welcome International Organizations until the End of Summer

The capital of music events, Barcelona, has announced by Spanish Prime Minister that international tourism events will not be allowed until the end of summer this year

Last month, Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Spanish Government, had given a statement to the public about the future of mass events. In his speech, he predicted that it is not possible to organize any international touristic events until the end of summer due to epidemic.

During the meeting of event organizations –UNWTO– Sanchez cleared out that only if the Spanish population have vaccinated around two third, then everything could be normal again. Until this, it is not possible to allow any mass organization for the sake of the country.

Previous weeks, some of the well-known organizations have already announced the delay of their events such as Primavera Sound and Sonár. It should be stated that not only the prestigious events but also the local venues and organizations will also be effected impactfully from the epidemic in the future. 

Hex, known as the base of techno world in Spain, pointed out the idea that if this situation goes the same way for about two years, the consequences of event organizations will remain as a perpetual issue in music events. During the interview with a famous techno magazine, it is stated by Hex:

Barcelona is a very beautiful city that naturally attracts tourism…Some of these people come to discover the cultural side of the city. So this new measure will just directly affect and maybe even kill the few organisations dedicated to entertainment still alive…We hope that the government will soon realise how fundamental this side of the city is, and how much the lack of direct help on their part (economically and measures-wise) is writing a non-bright future for us all.”

As a result, the organizers, club-holders and even the authorities are in search of ways to find a solution for the future of music event industry. Technoairlines wishes all its best for techno fans to overcome this era as soon as possible to get their seats back in live events again.