SOUNDSCAPE Festival w/ Monolink + Be Svendsen & More

SOUNDSCAPE is a huge orchestra enriched by the sound of all living beings. All the sounds of nature that we can’t hear in the decadence of the city come together at this festival. Let the music that surrounds your mind complete the sounds of nature.

There are many things we’ve missing in city life but perhaps the thing we stay most far from is the sound of nature. SOUNDSCAPE sounds out all nature sounds integrated with electronic music in Lifepark, the largest woodland event area of Istanbul. The festival that blends the sound of nature with electronic music, will take you away from the chaos and into the moments you crave.

Featuring many great artists as Be SvendsenEelke Kleijn, and Monolink, SOUNDSCAPE meets with participants to remember ‘life is beautiful and precious’ without any rush in a fun, sometimes calm, and most importantly sustainable event.

SOUNDSCAPE has been created for those who missed nature and its sound. The festival where you can express yourself freely with its special program includes various special experiences like live performances, quality workshops, colorful activities, and outstanding flavors, will be more exciting and different than you have ever seen with your participation on September 11-12.


Saturday September 11

☆ Be Svendsen

☆ Eelke Kleijn

☆ Mt Axel

☆ Omar Dhal

☆ Omerar Nanda

Sunday September 12

☆ Monolink

☆ Paax Tulum

☆ Valeron

☆ Veleyle