Richie Hawtin Returns after 21 Years

Time Warps‘ is released from the new sub-label company of Plus 8, From Our Minds

Richie Hawtin has released a special track for dance floors after 21 years. Composed of two songs, ‘Time Warps’ was released from the new sub-label From Our Minds, which the artist launched as part of the record label company Plus 8.

Hawtin’s last piece was ‘Minus Orange’, which put forward by Plus 8 in 1999. ‘Time Warps’ was recorded as the first catalog released from From Our Minds within Plus 8.

The track was played by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1  day before and a video prepared by Barbara Klein was made for the this track. The vinyl version of the shortcut that takes place on digital platforms will be presented to music lovers on December 4.

You can watch the video below, and can access to the work consisting of two parts named ‘Time Warps’ and ‘Time Stands Stillhere.