Rebekah Revealed ‘Sexual Abuse’ Stories in Her Career

The famous UK DJ debunks the sexual harrasment moments to the internet world

Rebekah starts telling stories from her earlier ages. According to her, even the moment that step into the music was about abusing. In a record shop she went before even she was 18, Rebekah was responded with a ‘blowjob’. She was just asking for a daily job to earn pocket money. She defines those moments as “I have never taken them seriously. I have always known it is going to be an ordinary thing throughout my career.

It is a common fact that women are dominated by men, no matter what type of job is it. It is also same for the techno scenes. Today, some of the greatest DJs are female, such as Amelie Lens and Charlotte de Witte. But back in the 90s, Rebekah remained solo on stages. There was no one closer her to support.

Nevertheless, she admits that there were numerous men that supported and encouraged Rebekah in her path. But mostly, the passion that Rebekah had for music was also the obstacle that suppressed by males. Such stories were also shared on web which revealed some names from music stages, such as Derrick May and Erick Morillo, giving clues about sexual abusing on stages.

After the record shop incident, Rebekah faced with rape by some of her accompany with the claim of teaching music. Years later, while having a tour in Europe, once again she was abused in her hotel room while she was fainted. Another tour in Europe afterwards, Rebekah uncovers that she rejected a sex offer by a well-known producer, and which blocked her to maintain her remain of the tour. Other story is about an American DJ. Rebecca wants a duo track with someone in his studio, and the guy replies as “Only if you’re naked.

Rebekah remebers those days as a joke. From her words, it was a tough situation to be a model and a DJ at the same time in those ages. Nobody respected her even she got her own money, her own work. But she never quited. She became such a strong and challenging figure, today the women on stage owe lots to Rebekah . She supports some names from today’s stage, like de Witte, as they do not perform with their body, but voices and talents. Because no one deserves to be punished with their bodies or attractiveness.

“Can we live with ourselves, to keep bringing more women [DJs and producers] in knowing that this is going on? I can’t, and I think we’re really strong now. This is like an army. That has to speak volumes.”