Party Detective Era in Ibiza

The Spanish government is seeking for non-native ‘party dedectives’ in order to detect, investigate and explore illegal parties in Ibiza.

Disguising like a raver or so, those party dedectives will help local police officers and can even make restrictions in the venues where they see any unlawfully attempt in the region. The reason behind this attempt is because of the contradictory datas of pandemic when we compare the Iberia and Ibiza isles. Although the rates of virus is fallen down on the Iberian region, it still increases on the Balearic Isles, especially in Ibiza, which makes further steps to make it down.

It has already been restricted for party-holders to make an event on the isles. There were few clubs or events that were activated, in contrast to the harsh restrictions and closure for tourists. It has been reported that the receipt of the fines given so far accumulated as up to £600.000, so far. Lately, it has been reported that gatherings above a certain number, including in private properties, are prohibited, in addition to the club restrictions.

(Stats show the rates of corona cases in Spain by regions in August)

“It’s not easy as the profile we’re looking for is foreigners between 30 and 40 years old, but we have been working on it for two weeks. I have no doubt that it will be up and running this summer… it’s a necessity to safeguard the health situation in Ibiza.”

told the Consell’s, municipality on the island, Mariano Juan.

Keep in mind that Ibiza is shown as one of the ‘alarming’ regions among the countries to travel due to this incredible increase that has occurred recently. You can check out the red, amber and gree list of UK, right here.