Over %25 of the Citizens are Anti-Clubbers in the UK

Previous month, the research made by Ipsos MORI has revealed the results of the poll among adults that shows who does not support for opening clubs or such organizations and the number was dramatically huge.

A survey for The Economist magazine included over a thousand adult participants (aged 16-75) in the UK. In the survey conducted in early July, participants basically answered three questions. One of them, and the most striking, was about the reopening of clubs.

  • %44 of the participants believe that clubs should be reopened just after a month of the completion of vaccination process.
  • %30 of the participants think that clubs should be remained closed until the end of epidemic period.
  • %26 of the participants strongly suggest the idea that clubs should never open their doors again.

The most striking part of this statistic is that the majority of those who agree with the closure of clubs are between the ages of 16-24. Those who are against this closure opinion will surprise you again; it was the age group of 55-74. Other topics in the survey were related to social distancing, travel, quarantine and mask use. Another surprising result was that 19% of the participants demanded a curfew after 22:00 in the UK streets.

After July 19, clubs reopened with the slogan “Freedom Day” and the result of the poll was seen as true proof of why people made such radical decisions. As of today, rates and cases have increased unbelievably since the clubs reopened. So much so that people began to feel that the corona would return to its first period. For more and detailed information, you can examine the image below and browse our website for different news and contents.