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Orkun Bozdemir and Black Batu United on “Glitch Fields”

Explore the debut of 'Glitch Fields' by Orkun Bozdemir and Black Batu on Renaissance Records, a track that marks a pivotal moment in their careers and the techno scene.

Orkun Bozdemir and Black Batu United on “Glitch Fields”
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  • PublishedMay 12, 2024
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Orkun Bozdemir and Black Batu unveiled their duo’s debut collaborative track, ‘Glitch Fields‘, through Renaissance Records. The track also features on the label’s ‘Merin EP, Vol. 8‘ compilation.

Renaissance EP | Beatport | Orkun Bozdemir | Black Batu

Orkun Bozdemir and Black Batu United on "Glitch Fields" - Through Renaissance Records

Established with the same name as the club by Geoff Oakes in 1994, Renaissance Records endured turbulent times until the 2010s but has now risen to become one of the pinnacle stones of the industry in the past 6-7 years. Their latest release, the mini compilation ‘Merin EP, Vol. 8‘, features four tracks, one of which is the debut single ‘Glitch Fields‘ by the Turkish new duo Orkun Bozdemir and Black Batu.

Orkun Bozdemir and Black Batu United on "Glitch Fields" - Through Renaissance Records

Renaissance and the duo have been proving the depth of their collaborative bond and the significance of their creation, showcasing how much time they’ve dedicated together. Last year, the legendary club and record label Renaissance made its debut in Istanbul on November 4th, featuring an international lineup for the first time. Among the acts like Frankey & Sandrino, Yet More, and AÜRA, Orkun Bozdemir, and Black Batu took the Klein Phönix stage with their B2B performance. Since that day, the ties between the label and the artists have only strengthened, culminating in this remarkable piece.

Black Batu, emerging swiftly from Turkey’s vibrant music scene, has left an indelible mark on the global stage with his powerful and distinctive sound. Known for his mastery of Afro house, Black Batu‘s journey began in the last decade and has since captivated audiences worldwide. Meanwhile, Orkun Bozdemir, a pivotal figure in Turkey’s music scene, has crafted a groundbreaking track together, “Glitch Fields“, showcasing his versatility and innovation as a DJ, producer, and event promoter. With releases on esteemed labels like Renaissance, Bozdemir’s influence extends far beyond Turkey’s borders, earning him performances in iconic venues across Europe. “Glitch Fields” marks Black Batu‘s debut and Bozdemir’s latest pinnacle, cementing their status as trailblazers in electronic music.

Orkun Bozdemir and Black Batu United on "Glitch Fields" - Through Renaissance Records

“Our friendship shaped around our passions about DJing, music production and event business. After a few years playing music, making music and carrying out event projects together, we decided to be officially partners and set up our own company. At the same time we were thinking about this new company project, we spontaneously started to work on a new track in the studio and tried to blend our different tastes. The result finally satisfied both of us and Glitch Fields was born, we also gave this name to our new company.”


Orkun Bozdemir on his latest work of Glitch Fields.

Glitch Fields

Glitch Fields… a groundbreaking movement bridging the realms of digital and physical, heralding a new lifestyle and event brand that resonates with both organic and electronic elements. Conceptualized by Black Batu and Orkun Bozdemir, Glitch Fields aims to elevate techno music, infusing it with profound echoes and resonances, shaping a more beautiful world within its domain.

Philosophically, Glitch Fields nods to the vulnerability of the digital world while celebrating the enduring vitality of life in the physical realm, suggesting that even amidst digital glitches, there exists an inherent beauty waiting to be unearthed. Moreover, it leverages this artistic beauty, catalyzing its community’s momentum.

As mentioned by Orkun Bozdemir, the genesis of their melodic and Afro-inspired track traces back further. Glitch Fields is, in essence, a manifestation of the duo’s vision: to introduce techno music to their respective worlds with resounding impact and envision a more enriched and vibrant musical landscape.

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