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NFT record label ‘World Has You Records (WHY)

We welcome the future… Introducing World Has You Records (WHY), a convergence of two new friends Kris and AlmaD. An instant and natural connection through their love of music was

NFT record label ‘World Has You Records (WHY)
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  • PublishedMarch 24, 2022

We welcome the future…
Introducing World Has You Records (WHY), a convergence of two new friends Kris and AlmaD. An instant
and natural connection through their love of music was born and with it organically grew an idea to create an
exciting new record label concept in the crypto world – combining art and music.

A label focused around three core visions:
– High quality exclusive music and art
– Unearthing and nurturing new talent
– Creating memorable experiences

The debut NFT collection titled ‘Welcome to the Real World‘ brings owner and music producer AlmaD to the
fore. An artist whose passion for music has been evident since his early years, recording mix tapes giving
them to friends and DJing all by the age of 14.

During his years of musical self discovery and exploration AlmaD established himself as a resident DJ on the
hallowed white isle Ibiza, charting regularly with his inimitable fusion of House, Underground, Pop, Ethnic
and Sacred sounds and amassing regular support from his peers.

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Fast forward to 2021 and relocation to Finland, he decided to start a new project called Divine. This was to
be a part of research on frequencies and vibrations. The sole aim was to design music radiating Divine
positive energy for the listeners.

AlmaD has put together some unique mixes comprising of his own music productions, intricately crafted as
he has travelled the world. Each composition within the mix has its own story, interwoven together in the
Gold mix it tells an emotive story inspired by AlmaD’s own experiences.
In the words of AlmaD:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Tune in and align with the Divine!”

The unique and intricate artwork titled ‘Welcome to the Real World’ is the centrepiece to this magnificent and
deeply emotive NFT collection. The faces in the artwork have a powerful yet subtle sadness, covered by the
gleam of the crystals and metals interwoven into the art.

goldhq min 1

Kevin Philippe the man behind the encapsulating art pieces in this collection, originates from Africa. His art is
an expression of the pain and struggles labour workers have had to endure in order to mint the valuable
metals and stones, masking their pain by wearing them.

The perfect metaphor is representative of our
everyday world, as many people can appear happy on the surface but on a deeper level we all have scars.
It’s a stark reminder whoever you are we all go through struggles and suffering, and underneath everything
we’re all the same.

When you unite Kevin’s art with AlmaD’s music the result is truly Divine and will enrich the lives of those who
are fortunate enough to secure one of these unique pieces for their collection.

NFT Collection > https://opensea.io/collection/worldhasyou

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