New Update to Logic Pro X

The 10.5 update version of the software brings many long-waited improvements along

Apple has released the 10.5 version update of its music production application Logic Pro X. In the 10.5 version of Logic Pro X, it is seen that old-plug in EXS24 has been named as Sampler by handling on. Sampler, whose interface has been renewed and added multiple sampling functions, enables users to increase their creativity on audio files just with a few clicks. With the new Sampler, users can now convert the recorded sounds into playable virtual instruments by automatically analyzing in Logic Pro X.

Live Loops, another new feature, integrates a function, which is similar to Ableton’s looping with audio files in arrangement fields, to Logic Pro X. Electronic effects in the Remix FX module are also among the features that must be examined.

While it becomes easier to write creative beat with Step Sequencer editor, Drum Synth synthesizer offers many new drum and percussion sounds to music producers.

Logic Pro X, which will start working coordinatively with GarageBand with the new update, will have the position of cooperation in harmony between the transfer of common file formats that know each other and two platforms.

You can visit this page to download the 10.5 version of Logic Pro X, which is the biggest update since its release in 2013.