New Performance Equipment That Will Make Your Sets Remarkable: Timetosser

The new product of brings along more creativity in live performance and DJing

Timetosser is a totally new music machine developed by that will allow you to combine your live performance and DJ sets with more creativity.

This fascinating kit has developed so as to combine live performance and Djing. Timetosser, which is easy to integrate with software and hardware such as DJ equipment, DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) and computers, allows you to play with music by means of fun and impressive way, while enabling the use and manipulation of sounds as a loop.

Timetosser has a touch tempo key, a midi timer and an analog transmission voltage that is cohesive with the tempo of playing music. When it is synchronized with the incoming sound, a new world of sound comes to your fingertips.

With Richie Hawtin’s own definition, Timetosser is “The perfect way to take one more step further for becoming beyond a classic DJ”.

In its statement about its product, said: “Once Timetosser had a concept that users could only install and use by themselves, we sent it to our artist Kypski, who was interested in turntablism. Then the current Timetosser came into existence. Since the device allows you to do amazing things with beats, it also carries a characteristic that emphasizes “leap in time”. The fact that the name of the product, Timetosser, has always been the same since the beginning of the project, we decided to remain the same. The name describes itself very clear. Yet, we can still change it into Wavewanker :)” started a campaign called Kickstarter in order to produce Timetosser in a more general retail capacity. Besides having several awards, you can also have your own Timetosser with supporting  the campaign. The price of the product determined as 295£ on Kickstarter.

You can support the campaign on Kickstarter, and get more information about Timetosser from their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter accounts.