Neversea: Europe’s Most Spectacular Seaside Festival Date is Set For 2024

Join Neversea Festival in Constanța, July 4-7, 2024, for a blend of music, art, and seaside magic. A unique summer festival experience!

Neversea: Europe’s Most Spectacular Seaside Festival Date is Set For 2024
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  • PublishedNovember 5, 2023

Neversea Festival is returning to Constanța this year from July 4th to July 7th, 2024. With the summer of 2023 behind us, it’s time to plan for the summer of 2024. In the most beautiful month of summer, a fantastic four-day festival awaits you.

Neversea Festival is a captivating music event held annually in Constanța, a city on the Black Sea coast of Romania. Thousands of music enthusiasts who attend this festival enjoy the magnificent seaside atmosphere while witnessing unforgettable performances by world-renowned DJs and artists. Neversea Festival hosts leading names in electronic dance music (EDM) and other music genres, providing participants with a unique festival experience.

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The Neversea Festival began in 2017 and quickly became one of Romania’s largest music events. Its name reflects the continuous relationship the city of Constanța has with the sea as it stretches along the coastline. Neversea Festival is typically held in July each year, spanning four days. It’s time for the 2024 edition.

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In addition to music, the Neversea Festival offers art, culture, and experience-oriented activities. Artists from various music genres, such as EDM, house, techno music, and hip-hop, have graced the festival stage in previous years. Renowned DJs and producers have been among the highlights of the Neversea Festival.

The Neversea Festival is not just about music; it also includes performing arts, dance shows, fire performances, and visual art events. Moreover, the festival grounds feature various themes and decorations that immerse participants in a different world.

Are You Looking For a Summer Festival Experience in 2024?

Neversea Festival boasts a captivating atmosphere with its stunning seaside views. Participants can enjoy the festival during warm summer days and also have the opportunity to take a dip in the sea. Additionally, the festival is filled with interactive activities, art exhibitions, and dining areas.

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Environmental Awareness

Neversea Festival places a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness. The festival area is equipped with recycling stations and waste collection points. Furthermore, the festival aims to raise awareness about sustainability and reminds participants of their responsibility to protect the environment.

Neversea Festival is an unforgettable event that combines the magic of music with the charm of the seaside. Constanța, Romania, hosts thousands of music lovers every July, merging the beauty of the sea with the power of music. This event offers an experience filled not only with music but also with art, culture, and unique experiences. Every year, it presents different themes and artists, inviting participants to create lasting memories by the seaside.

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Neversea Festival 2024 Ticket Prices

Currently, only 4-day general access and 4-day VIP tickets are available. Single-day ticket sales do not appear to be available at this time.

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Editor’s note: The ticket sales website is being updated for Black Friday. Keep an eye on the site to catch discounted tickets. Tickets are here !

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