Music Made on The Synthesizer Using Only Brainwaves

Angie Coombes creates groundbreaking music with TONTO, using her brainwaves to control this legendary synthesizer, marking a first in music production history.

Music Made on The Synthesizer Using Only Brainwaves
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  • PublishedNovember 17, 2020
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Canadian musician Angie Coombes produced music with brainwaves on the massive analog synthesizer TONTO.

In an awe-inspiring fusion of technology and creativity, Canadian musician Angie Coombes has taken the art of music production to unprecedented heights. Using nothing but her brainwaves, Angie Coombes has crafted sounds on TONTO, a legendary analog synthesizer that has been a cornerstone of the music world for over half a century. This groundbreaking experiment, conducted at the National Music Center in Calgary, marks a pivotal moment in music history, blending human emotion and thought with the raw power of electronic music.

Music Made on The Synthesizer Using Only Brainwaves

In a revealing conversation on a CBC Podcast, Angie Coombes shed light on this revolutionary process. A special device, fitted snugly on her head, captured her brain’s electrical activity. Once converted into voltage, these signals were fed into TONTO, prompting the synthesizer to produce sounds that mirrored Angie Coombes‘ emotional and cognitive states. The complexity of her thoughts directly influenced the depth and intensity of the music, offering a direct line from human consciousness to musical expression.

This experiment wasn’t just a fleeting moment of artistic curiosity; it’s set to lay the foundation for Angie Coombes‘ upcoming album, which will feature recordings from this historic session. It’s a testament to how emotions and thoughts can transcend their intangible realms and manifest into rhythmic beats and melodies.

TONTO, standing for The Original New Timbral Orchestra, is no ordinary instrument. Created by Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff, this behemoth of sound engineering was revitalized by the Calgary National Music Center in 2013, ensuring its legacy continues to inspire musicians and producers.

Angie Coombes‘ exploration into the synergy between human emotion and machine opens up new avenues for musical creation, where the only limit is the mind itself. It’s a vivid reminder of music’s power to embody our innermost thoughts and feelings in a form that resonates on a universal scale.

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