Music is Banned by Taliban in Afghanistan

Known for their radical decisions and restrictive regime, it came as no surprise that the Taliban also banned music.

Turning the control into account after Biden‘s decision to withdraw, Afghanistan‘s rooted and plaguesome organization, the Taliban, has announced that they will take control again by force. This issue, which has been on the carpet for weeks, has of course progressed to the fact that Afghan citizens have now nightmares and even the idea to leave their country. Many things that were normally seen in the country have now become a situation that could endanger their lives. We’ve all seen what happened to the woman who didn’t wear the burqa, unfortunately, and now it’s time for the music.

One of the public speaker of the Taliban made it clear in a statement to the press that music would be strictly prohibited.

“Music is forbidden in Islam, but we’re hoping that we can persuade people not to do such things, instead of pressuring them.”

Mujahid stated.

The same oppressive method was applied between the years 1996-2001, when they were in the control. It is valid in all genres and fields of forbidden music, otherwise it is subject to life penalties if it is not complied with. Everything, from open-air live music to the music you make yourself, and even to the students of the official conservatory of the state, is completely prohibited. Yet, only one type of melody is seen as an exception, and that religious music, which we call hymns, can be played on all radio and public places under the control of Taliban organizations.

We wish that these outdated and primitive beings and governs will end as soon as possible, and that the day when people’s religion, art and any view will be respected will be reached peacefully again. Many talented musicians and artists are being deprived of their talents, and even dying. We strongly condemn that the world turns a blind eye to this situation and watches from afar (as always) after causing a stir.