Meet ‘Kirin’ along with Peggy Gou

Kirin was launched as a brand by well-known Korean DJ in February 2019

Kirin maintains at the top of the industry through its vivid designs since 2019 that is both directed and produced by the South Korean DJ, Peggy Gou. Meaning ‘giraffe‘ in Korean, Kirin represents Gou’s spirit animal and desires it to reflect the chaos of life into daily momentum.

The journey of Kirin with Gou starts with an offer for the project led by Andrea Grilli, Davide de Giglio and Virgil AblohNew Guards Group-, while having a stage performance for the event Mytheresa x OFF-WHITE.


The collections of Kirin, which mixes up the fun and colorful touches of the iconic graphics of the club culture with the motifs of Korean mythology, consists of double sets, overalls, dresses, jackets, coats, sweaters and scarves. Produced with vinyl pieces and neon stripes, and prints depicting Haetae, the legendary creature from East Asian mythology, which Gou has chosen as one of her favorites, are among the up-fronts of her collections. About Kirin, as a result of collaboration with the New Guards Group, Peggy says, “When I really love what I’m wearing, I feel confident wherever I go. I want everyone who wear Kirin to have confidence. Kirin is for everyone” she says. The brand that was first launched in Paris Fashion Week in 2019 has obtained huge amount of support from several names including Virgil Abloh, Sita Abellan, Yoyo Cao, and AMBUSH’s Yoon Ahn.

Even though Gou, in an humble way, claimed that she was not a designer in an interview with her in the past, it is known that Peggy studied fashion design at the London School of Fashion and then worked as an editor-in-chief at Harper’s Bazaar‘s Korean base. Music and Korean culture are at the center of the collections of the musician, who succeeded in conveying her vision and original point of view in music creatively to the fashion industry.

You can check out the brand’s outfits right here.