Luxembourg Is Hosting a Promising Event against COVID-19

This month in Rockhal Arena, there will be an event, Because Music Matters, hosted wih the application of social distancing rules that is seen as promising for the future events in this era

A live music event is set in Luxembourg in February against all odds. The organizers of the event declares the idea that this show is hoping to open the way for future events. It is known that thousands of shows and events have been cancelled due to COVID-19 since the first quarter of 2020. Some of them were lucky enough to be performed, a few were made up of genius ideas like ‘space bubbles’ and most of them have remained cancelled in the industry.

Because Music Matters is for all the world to see. Especially the music and live event industry pay great attention for the attendance and results of the show. It is organised by the elite class of European Arena Association alongside with Arena Resillience Alliance (ARA) to make an applicable and suitable show in the pandemic.

Each night, for the entire event, it is limited for 100 people to attend shows. It is obligated to wear mask and obey social distancing rules. Every person, who attends to the event, will be pre-tested before coming to the show, and 7 days later, to evaulate the event, they will be tested again.

One of the founder of Arena Resillience Alliance, Olivier Toth, indicated that: “it is an important step forward in testing the safety measures we can employ to support our back-to-business strategies“. The owner of the arena Robert Fitzpatrick, on the other hand, said:

“As the advocacy platform for European arenas, the ARA is proud to provide an opportunity for the industry to come together with key EU decision-makers to prepare for a return to live events, whilst working to protect the health and wellbeing of our communities and the sustainability of our industry, which will be central to the economic and societal recovery of countries across Europe. Together, we can build regional and national frameworks, with international collaboration that will help us get back to business.”

The event includes a wide range of genres, from metal to house, classics to electro. The show starts tonight, February 10th, and will last 4 days, February 14th. The ARA is planned to stream a virtual evaluation channel about the results of the event and talking about the upcoming shows.

You can reach the details about the event and the further informations about sanitary measures, here.