Kerri Chandler, Sven Väth and Solomun are Among the 90 Artists who Contributed to the ‘Giving Compilation’ for Campaign

Kerri Chandler, Sven Väth and Solomun  took part for the movement of ‘Food For Ibiza’ campaign by means of ‘Giving Compilation #1’ album.

The ‘Giving Compilation #1’ is released by Non-Profit Label record company that is founded by Grego G, Stephane Ghenacia and Alex Garcia.

Food For Ibiza is a non-profit campaign on the purpose of providing nourishment to indigent households on the island.

The founders of the company, who live in Ibiza, gave a speech about the project: “Every person that lives and works here, has a great importance for making this place wonderful and creating a unique identity. The people, especially the children, who live here, are the future of this magical island. Therefore, we must dote on them. We have launched the Non-Profit Label company for this purpose and all the income from the compilation album will be carried to Food For Ibiza. The idea is so simple, the aim is to find as many artist as possible who creates music, and turn this into a useful social actions… In the beginning, we start off with 40 artist, then the list grew longer day by day.”

You can see all the artist who contributed to the campaign below and get the album via this link.