Istanbul’s Techno Music Scene: Generic Music

Explore Istanbul's vibrant techno scene with Generic Music! Since 2013, they've been showcasing top DJs & unique events, making unforgettable musical moments.

Istanbul’s Techno Music Scene: Generic Music
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  • PublishedOctober 4, 2023
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The rise of electronic music on the global stage is also felt in Turkey. Undoubtedly, one of the driving forces behind this surge is Generic Music. Established in Istanbul in 2013, this brilliant entity quickly began to make its mark in Turkey’s electronic music scene.

The secret behind Generic Music‘s success lies not only in organizing quality events but also in supporting the production side of music. Becoming an indispensable brand for electronic music enthusiasts, this organization introduces new talents to the industry with its music consultancy service for DJ candidates.

By offering recording and album opportunities to professional artists, they assist in elevating their careers to the next level. They host many big names, including Paul Kalkbrenner and such, in the near future, and follow them here to hear who is next.

Especially notable for their unique choices in festival and concert venues, Generic Music hosts global stars in unconventional places. These unique venue choices add a distinct atmosphere to the events, providing participants with unforgettable moments.

Not remaining idle during the pandemic, this organization has offered a unique entertainment experience to tens of thousands at home through DJ live performances on YouTube. Here are some upcoming events scheduled for Generic Music. You can also look at it in detail through this page.

Istanbul's Techno Music Scene: Generic Music

In conclusion, Generic Music is one of the most significant entities contributing to the rise of electronic music in Turkey. Solidifying its place in the industry with both its events and support for artists, Generic Music stands as the go-to destination for quality music and unique events for electronic music enthusiasts.

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You can check out more illustrations below, and follow them through their website, FacebookInstagram, and ticket page, here.

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  • I am travelling to Istanbul and cappadocia bodrum from 16th oct – 26th oct please can you tell me techno parties happening

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    • There are only few events scheduled in Turkey between those days; you can go to Taksim (İstanbul), Fitaş Stage on 21st of October for Jay-Jay Johanson or to Zorlu Center (İstanbul) on 27th of October for Fatima Hajji. These are approved stage shows you can get into, otherwise you can search for local parties in your region through web engines.

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