Istanbul Is Waiting For Joseph Capriati

Joseph Capriati, whose incredible sets we can’t get enough of, will perform his first solo show in Turkey at Volkswagen Arena on December 4th.

The Italian techno titan is also known for breaking the record with an astonishing 27 hours and 40 minutes set.

Capriati’s brand of slick and emotive techno, delivered with precision, flair and infectious energy, has become a staple highlight of the global club and festival circuit. With revered sets at the world’s most high-profile events  Time Warp, Monegros Festival, Kazantip, Sonus, WMC Miami, Fabric and Berghain to name a few.


One of many important milestones in the Capriati story is a fabled residency at Marco Carola‘s Music On parties beginning in 2012, where Joseph first spun his memorable sets to the Amnesia main room faithful. His ongoing presence in Ibiza has also seen him play headline sets at the Amnesia opening and closing parties and major slots at DC10.

Now over a decade into his career as a globally renowned DJ, there’s hardly anything Joseph Capriati hasn’t achieved. He is deservedly one of techno’s most in-demand headliners and continues to better himself as an artist, making every release and performance a special one for his fans.

It’s time to transcend the physical and evaporate into the Realm Of Consciousness as we unveil the next instalment of our news.


Despite the intense touring schedule, which has reached up to 150 gigs yearly, he manages to maintain a high level of focus, preparation, and vigor for each set and keeps the smile on his face throughout. The combination of his charismatic personality and ear for the perfect groove has made Joseph a torchbearer for the Italian techno sound worldwide and has brought many new fans to the genre in general.

Let’s take a look at an epic techno set at the Royal Palace of Caserta, a World Heritage Site in his hometown.



Other DJs to be organized with The Falls presentation will be Ugur Project and Alan Cutt, who have the opportunity to share the stage with the world’s leading artists at many high-level events.If you don’t want to miss Joseph Capriati‘s first solo performance in Turkey, you can find tickets here.