Illegal Arizona Parties Get Huge Reactions

In Tonto National Park, there was an illegal party held that is attracted over 5,000 people last weekend.

Authorities reported serious damage to the area’s land and violation of health conditions. Violations included serious situations such as unauthorized fireworks show, shooting range, speed violation and closure of the main road. In the middle of the event, there was an injury due to bike crash, and since there was no medic, the medical intervention was requested by helicopter.

The party was spotted coincidentally by police patrols in the recreation area. Some of the press agents on the issue made statements as follows:

This is an OHV [off-highway vehicle] area to begin with. But I think the real issue here is the large crowds”

Susan Blake

“That many people engaged in those types of activities in one area – it’s going to be super destructive.”

Sandy Bahr

“It’s something that a lot of Arizonans enjoy. But when you get that many people in one place, you’re doing it to the detriment of other people who want to enjoy it and of course the wildlife itself.”

Scott Garlid

Although this time is troubling enough, it never means we can break the rules. Rules and precautions exist to enable individuals and societies to live in safety. Under no circumstances please do not endanger your own health and that of others. You can check it out the news down here.