‘Home’, Solomun’s newest single to be released in 2021, is shared

The single is released from Solomun’s own company NINL.

Solomun shared his new single called ‘Home’ with his fans.

‘Home’ is one of the four new productions that the artist will share after 11 long years. Released by his own record company, NINL, and attracting attention with its universal atmospheric sound, the single gave the sign of a long-waited new Solomun album.

Through a press briefing, he shared his thoughts upon his new single, Solomun said:

“Home was the starting point for the idea of an album in the first place. I had plenty opportunities to play it and for me it has withstood the test of time. It was evident that this had to be the first single for the album.”

You can listen to ‘Home’ via this link or watch the video clip below.