High Price, Low Supply | Bad Times for DJ Equipments

You may have come across or heard about it lately; research indicates that DJ equipments cannot be found easily anymore.

DJ Tech Tools, the owner of the study, emphasizes in their research that while gear around the world is diminishing, the price of these rare products is also increasing. They point out that the reason for this increase may be the raise in global labor, shipping or customs taxes. Therefore, they show that since it is not normal for the price of both equipment and labor to increase at the same time in that industry, of course, demand will not be met and production will decrease dramatically.

“Higher costs of shipping and component parts have contributed to higher selling prices. Fifteen of our twenty reported product categories have seen substantial increases in average selling price vs. year ago.

In some categories such as guitars, live sound and DJ products, we believe higher average selling prices reflect higher costs and resulting price increases as well as a shift in demand to higher-end products.”

In addition to these, the research, which states that sea and air freight has lost its practicality and functionality today, shows the ships that formed long queues and anchored thousands of them in the Americas. So much so that the research, which describes this situation as a complete disaster, says that such incidents were not seen even before the 2000s.

(The empty shelves on DJ gears)

Under normal circumstances, it is thought that the industry will revive with the return of live events, but no matter how much the demand has increased, the support for the post-pandemic economy has never been given. This has been effective in the fact that the supply is lower and the product is more expensive than ever.

Finally, the owner of the research gives DJs a few suggestions on this subject:

  • Your planning will may have happened at least half a year later from now.
  • Never expect prices to drop down. No matter what event appears, you will not be the first in the line as long as supply is low.
  • Instead of waiting for a long time and paying unreasonable prices, it may be better to look at second-hand products.

For the further details and explanations of the resarch, you can check out the full content here.