Get To Know – Nerepla

Nerepla is an Istanbul based techno music producer and DJ. With the production training he received in 2019, he released his first song “Independent Bones”. Then, after releasing 3 more tracks, he released an EP from Eclipse Recordings and received good feedback.


1)Hey Nerepla ,welcome to Techno Airlines. How are you? What’s good and bad in your world?

-Hello, first of all, thank you for asking and I’m fine. Frankly, I’m not very good at the moment because wars are still going on in the world we live in and people are hurt by it, so seeing them makes me feel bad.

2)What inspired you while making the ‘Synesthesia‘ Ep?

-While making the Synesthesia EP, I transferred these mood swings that I experienced inside myself to the songs in the EP and tried to talk about the mood I was experiencing at that moment in that song. This is my motto when making music in general. Sometimes I can be angry and sometimes joyful and sad, like every human being, I experience this within myself and translate it into my songs.

3)Who has been the single biggest inspiration for your musical development?

-One of the biggest inspirations for me to start music is Armin Van Buuren. I grew up listening to his songs and started to have feelings for music, and then I started this way by saying that I can produce it myself. Armin wasn’t the only one who influenced me, of course, there are people who do, even now. Names like Charlotte De Witte, Carl Cox, Eli Brown, Space92 and Balthazar & JackRock are the people who inspire me right now.



4)Do you make music that suits certain labels or do you create first and worry about that later?

-Frankly, this is confusing for me. Sometimes I do it according to the record companies I want, but sometimes I do it completely according to what comes to my mind. This is completely variable for me. Because my mood and the things I want to do and enjoy at that moment can change.


5)What is the biggest festival you want to take part in? As a DJ and for fun?

-Of course, Tomorrowland, which has been one of my biggest dreams since childhood. Even if I was there, it would be a big dream come true for me. Of course, everyone wants to be there as a DJ, of course, I would like that too.