Get to Know – Iconic Duo Heaven INC.

Successful duo Heaven Inc. stands out with their song “Believe In me“, which they released on Airlines Records in February.


Hey guys, how are you? What’s big in your world right now?

Hello everyone, It’s only February but we are beyond excited as this is already the second track to be launched with you guys. Our first record called The way of life has been announced by Suah record in January this year. Your label and Suah our absolute favorites, therefore we are even happier for the collaboration. I can tell you a little secret: our third track is on the line as well. We also have some gigs abroad and a large festival booked for this summer.

Where does the name Heaven Inc come from? Does it have a special memory?

We met with my partner at a friends’ gathering where we were both invited to dj. We liked each other’s music identity a lot there, and fast forward to a few weeks later Heaven INC was born at a movie night. This was God given.

When did you first meet, why did you decide to work together?

As I mentioned earlier we met each other at a party last year where we both dj’d. We started as friends but our relationship quickly turned to love. We are both in the music industry for years, and it was mutual amusement for us towards each other’s creativity. We really get on well not only emotionally but musically as well, so I guess it was only natural to create a collaboration.


Do you make music that suits certain labels or do you create first and worry about that later?

We have our favorite labels, but we write music mainly for ourselves. Of course you can always hear certain elements in our tracks that can be easily associated with us, but we are trying to hold onto an emotional state when creating music, and this is what we consider while looking for a record label. Then we get nervous to see whether the label likes our music.

How much did the pandemic affect the music you made? 

We are people with a positive attitude, but it is very challenging  at the moment. Our gigs have been affected by the pandemic, but we truly believe that this is our journey together that has already been decided by bigger powers.



Who has been the single biggest inspiration for your musical development?

A lot of people has been inspired me during the years by a lot of different ways so far.

We really loved the old fashion progressive sounds from the 2000’s. And nowdays we have a lot of favourite producers.

We like the Afterlife DJ’s, Still for Talent, Siona Records…and many more.


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