Germany’s Newest Agora: Rave the Planet

Love Parade spirit revived with Rave The Planet, attended by 200,000 people and more than 100 DJs took the stage in the organization a few weeks ago.

Last year, the organization called Rave The Planet announced that it had allocated a budget of 400 thousand Euros to revive the spirit of Love Parade on the streets of Berlin, and the news that spread created great excitement in Europe. The expected organization took place on July 9 and the streets of Berlin were filled with entertainment and music.

In fact, the new Love Parade project, originally planned for 2021, was postponed due to pandemic conditions, and the organizers managed to obtain the necessary permissions from the authorities for the date in 2022.

More than 100 DJs played sets at Rave The Planet, including Christian Smith, Alex Stein, Juliet Fox, Sophie Kah, MISTRAL, Mha Ari, Strøm, and Marcel DB. In addition to sectoral organizations, many organizations from across Europe such as Planet Austria, Independent Polish Underground, Ship of Fools, Lichtparade and Free People also took part in Rave The Planet.

The creator of the acid house parties and Love Parade in Berlin in the late 1980s, Dr. Motte is also one of those who brought Rave The Planet to life.

After this exciting development, which we can describe as Love Parade 2.0, the footage of Dr.Motte holding the symbol of the Querdenker movement, which sees COVID-19 as a conspiracy theory in Germany and is known for its opposition to the measures taken, created controversy.

It was also announced that Dr.Motte would participate in the lottery program of the Mein Grundeinkommen organization on July 13. Mein Grundeinkommen is also known for its various campaigns on the “universal basic income” against the anti-quarantine advocates.

Rave The Planet organizers later told that Dr. Motte thought that the symbol in question belonged to the “Freedom Parade” in Łódź, the Polish branch of Love Parade. He stated that Motte had nothing to do with the Querdenker movement, and that they were investigating how that sticker got there.