German Government Warned: Nightlife May not Return until 2023

The Club Comission of Berlin indicated that it is not possible to be normal again until the end of 2022

The head of the comission, Pamela Schobeß reported that club nights in Berlin is not possible to fully return until the end of 2022 season.

Being also the chairwoman of the club Gretchen, Pamela reported that clubs, venues and organizations need furhter support to keep going. In her opinion, clubs are seen as the first thing to be closed in this era, and last to be reopened after everything passed. She concluded that previous aids could only maintain until June 21, not more.

In her statement to famous magazines, she briefly pointed out that this year could not be any better than the previous one. So everyone needs to be very patient in this stage and should be hopeful about the future.

The statement followed as:

“What we know and appreciate as a club culture depends on intensity, closeness, contact, intoxicating nights, sharing and exchange. As long as there is a risk of exponential infection and people die from Covid-19 every day, a return to the dance floor is not to be expected. The corona crisis intensifies capitalist injustices and worsens the social division, so that the economic conditions for carefree clubbing also deteriorate significantly. To what extent the Berlin party situation as we enjoyed before corona can be restored at all is not foreseeable.”