First Track From Airlines Records “Umutbooy – Miraculous”

DJ/producer Umutbooy has released his new track Miraculous from Airlines Records.

Airlines Records makes its recording industry debut with the first release from the Turkey-based DJ and producer Umutbooy.

The track showcases a slick of techno groove with an electrifying atmosphere accompanied by captivating vocals in the intro and retro arpeggios and leads licks around. Airlines Records’ debut catalog is a distinguishing prologue to new layers emerging from an exciting euphoric tale in the techno scene.

He started his DJing career in 2017, playing mostly electronic dance music. He shared the stage with lots of artists and known names around the globe. Umutbooy released his first single “Void” from Istanbul’s reputable record label Monkey Project in 2019. He collaborated on a track with Future Now called “Eternity”, which reached up to 41st place in Beatport’s Melodic House/Techno genre. He made a strong entrance to 2021 with his latest “Fusion Current” Ep, which has also reached up to 43rd place in the Melodic Releases chart.

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Here it is now Miraculous!

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