Filth on Acid Start the Year Strong with Samsara EP from Reinier Zonneveld & HI-LO


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Reinier Zonneveld and HI-LO continue their superb collaborative work with another pair of bangers on Filth on Acid. ‘Samsara’, out via Filth On Acid, comes just in time to ring in the new year with it’s fat-bottomed bassline bound to heat up dancefloors worldwide. After another goldmine of a studio session, Reinier and HI-LO will drop ‘Nirvana’ on January 6th.

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This pair has served up plenty of winners already such as Saw Of Olympus, Balearic Mornings, Existencia, and String Theory. Now once again they bring all their experiences to the studio after having had a huge 2022 as solo artists with plenty of big tunes and headline shows all over the world.

Nirvana and Samsara are two cuts that encourage you to lose your mind on the dance floor while dreaming amongst the melodies. Samsara has machine gun synths that fire like lasers across the uplifting trance chords. The drums are so heavy they will rattle the walls and it all makes for a powerful tune. Nirvana has a real sense of techno funk with intoxicating Middle Eastern vocal sounds over hard edged drums and with bright synth work.

This is a brilliant way to kick off 2023 in top techno fashion.


Artist(s): Reinier Zonneveld, HI-LO

Title: Samsara

Record Label: Filth on Acid

Cat.Number: FOA123

Release Date: 6th January 2023 [Beatport (2 weeks)],

20th January 2023 (general release)

Tracklist : 

1) Samsara

2) Nirvana

Samsara artwork.jpg