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Fergie’s Great Comeback

Fergie’s latest release might be out now via Armin van Buuren’s Armind label, but that tells only half the story. Yes, it’s a killer release in itself, but to those

Fergie’s Great Comeback
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  • PublishedJuly 29, 2021

Fergie’s latest release might be out now via Armin van Buuren’s Armind label, but that tells only half the story. Yes, it’s a killer release in itself, but to those in the know Fergie is a man who’s been busy doing his thing for some time now. A bonafide legend of the techno and hard house scenes of the late 90s, Fergie is a DJ and a producer of serious talent and repute, and a man who’s as capable as any when it comes to switching up genres — must like all the best DJs out there. We decided to put some choice questions to Fergie now that the aforementioned Alpha Centauri has just dropped…

How are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

I am doing great, thank you, and I hope the same goes for you! I can honestly say there is nothing bad going on in my life.Lots of exciting projects are on the go- tons of music and amazing gigs coming up and some very tasty collaborations which you will have to keep your eyes open for.

You’re in vegas right, tell us what took you there and what it’s like to have a residency there.

Yes, I play at Hakkasan and Omnia here in Vegas; having a residency gives me the opportunity to establish hometown support while gaining exposure through the international crowd in Vegas. It has been so enjoyable to call Las Vegas my second home and to witness and participate in the evolution of the electronic dance scene here. EDM has been so important for the growth of techno since it has laid the groundwork for electronic music exposure to a larger audience. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to be on lineups with the likes of Black Coffee and Rufus du Sol, and it really warms my heart to see the new younger generation embrace the more “underground” flavours. Sometimes, playing in Vegas can be a challenge for me, as my goal is to play to the crowd but also take them on a journey and give them some new music they perhaps would not have been exposed to.

How has the game changed over the years you’ve been involved, like where do you stand on social media and how everyone has to be an expert in self-image these days?

The game has changed significantly over the years. Social media is a tricky one… it’s essential to be visible on all the outlets but to not let it consume you. It’s exciting to read about all the amazing things people do around the world and I love how I can instantly connect with people who were at my shows or who are loving my music. There is of course the dark side of social media and its important to limit your usage and also watch who you follow… good vibes only

Radio was always pivotal to you early on – you’ve done 13 essential mixes, hosted on radio one for years. how do you feel when you look back on that period? and does radio still matter to you now?

Yeah that’s such an honour to have been able to do all that. Not only was Radio1 a huge part of my life and career, it still plays such an important role in the scene with some incredible shows on there. Danny Howard’s of course, and Pete Tong taking care of business. I hope to get another Essential Mix at some stage hahaha.

Tell us about the new release alpha centauri – what inspired it?

The vibe I wanted to create was that of the late 90s and early 2000s. That period for me was just magical- the scene was on such a vibe the buzz was mighty. So for me going back into the studio it was important to have a part of that time frame honored and also to have some of my identity be featured in the music. Apart from that- I just really wanted to come back with a banger for everyone that has continued to support me over the years.

How did you come to talk to Armin van Buuren and release on his Armind label

James Hiett, A&R director for Armada first contacted me and wanted to send Armin some of my new tracks. James is an old school raver who used to come to my shows back in the day and he wanted to get some Fergie action on the label. It was a no-brainer as I used to do many gigs with Armin and he’s always been a huge lover of music from many different genres so Alpha was a great fit for him and we ended up signing 5 tracks to the label.

What are you most proud of in your career when you look back?

I’m most proud that I am still here, still hungry and full of passion for the music that makes the blood run through my veins!

Any regrets over the years? Or any bad decisions you made?

No regrets or bad decisions. I had to make some tough choices and at the time they were right for me. I think we could all perhaps look back and say “I wish I did this or that” but we forget the landscape wasn’t what it is now. Hindsight is 20/20 but back then I lived for the moment. I was a kid living in a dreamland. I made decisions based on the knowledge that I had then and I do the same now. I’m still here and I’m ready for action. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve lost a lot and I’ve loved a lot- and I’m still keepin ‘er lit 😉

Anything you would tell your younger self that you know now as a wiser man?

Enjoy the climb. Enjoy the fall. Enjoy the bumps. Enjoy the party. Enjoy your friends, family and critics. Pretty much the same ethos as I had then 😉 As I’ve matured, I’ve learned to focus on process, not outcomes. Ego is the enemy and stillness is the key.

What’s next, what else are you working on or looking forward to?

I have a load of shows coming up in the USA and in the UK. Early September I’m headed back to kick things off with the huge Belsonic festival in Belfast along with Ben Nicky and 20,000 crazy Irish. I’ve taken on a new manager, Barry Amphlett, and this new partnership has me re-energized and inspired. I’m in the studio constantly with 5 releases ready for Armind/Armada and I’m also working on some very tasty collaborations so plenty to keep me busy and lots to look forward to!
Thank you so much for the chat.

Fergie’s Alpha Centauri is out now via Armind. Buy/listen to the release here and keep up with Fergie on Facebook and Instagram 

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