Famous Club De School Closes Up

The well-known venue, which has been criticized by the public lately, is closing because of Covid-19.

Amsterdam’s famous nightclub De School announced that it is closing up. The owner of the club, Jochem Doornbusch, made a speech to Resident Advisor and giving justification the economic crisis due to epidemic as the reason of clubs couldn’t remain open.

In his speech, “Debts continue to increase while the environment remains no man’s land. In this case, it is not possible to keep up this club open.” he said. The bar, terrace and restaurant parts of the venue will still provide their services.

De School has been criticized so harshly by the public recently. Especially, the sexist behaviors of the club’s guards towards queers got huge reactions. In addition, the racist policies of the club also took negative attentions.

The club supposed to be opened until 2022, after announcing their deal’s extension last May. Yet, having being criticized recently, it is definitely considered for the club to be closed before their expiration date of the contract.