Elon Musk Will Keep His Techno Song

Stating that he could sell his track as an NFT at first, Musk stated later that he gave up this idea.

The famous billionaire founder, who came to the fore with his techno track “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe” released in January 2020, recently stated that he decided to sell his piece as an NFT with a Twitter post included his track.

But after only a few days passed, Musk replied to his own post, saying that this was not true and that he would keep the track for himself.

Today, the world’s most popular, known and exemplary genius’s interest in techno music impresses us all inside. He used the following expression while passing the auto company, which was his only rival in the previous months, in sales:”an indoor/outdoor rave space on the roof.

A few months ago, The Boring Company, in charge of his construction organizations, presented a video, “Tunnel Rave“, sharing with Avicii‘s symbolic piece “Level“.