Cox says illegal parties are not the solution during the epidemic


The growing number of illegal raves sweeping the world is down to young people feeling frustrated that nightclubs are still closed despite lock down lifting, Carl Cox has told.

DJ Carl Cox says the illegal scene is thriving during the Coronavirus crisis because there is still no timeline on clubs and festivals reopening.He said that while he could understand the frustration, illegal partying is not the answer.

Cox, told  social distancing means nightlife just cannot operate as normal, which “for the music scene absolutely sucks.Because of Covid-19, we know that many DJ’s are doing activities in virtual reality.No matter how much music it feeds us, nobody is happy to run things this way.It’s exciting and adventurous and there is an element of freedom which you don’t find in a bar or a club.Hope to see you in the days full of dance where everything is getting better.

During the COVID-19 crash, they had their sets online and last year a virtual reality festival called ‘Lost Horizon‘ with Fatboy Slim.