Colourful Retro Machines Will Scorch the Atmosphere

Polyend, the Polish company, has recently fused a new artistic and aesthetic style of audio creation hardware with variegated design. Recently, it has seen that lot of new sets and

Colourful Retro Machines Will Scorch the Atmosphere
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  • PublishedAugust 16, 2021
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Polyend, the Polish company, has recently fused a new artistic and aesthetic style of audio creation hardware with variegated design.

Recently, it has seen that lot of new sets and techno instruments are produced day by day. But none of them attracted as much attention as Polyend‘s sparkling design.

Trackers, which can be used either as stand-alone or touch controller for softwares, has lately put on sale. The name of the product comes from the program that was famous in between 1980s and ’90s. It was only after possible to produce music with installing a tracker to a mobile devices with using that software.

The Polylend‘s newest trio product is designed by three of the well-known artists who have already used the software before: Bogdan Raczynski, Legowelt and Pete Cannon. If you get the product, you will receive a special vinyl that are made for those artists. Customers will also obtain the unique samples of mixes that are loaded into the device beforehand. There are 300 pieces of it, and it costs $799 to get one of them.


At first glance, the product seems a bit odd with its complicated style. Indeed, the ones who will use it will see that they will face with musical notation in the screen that represents whole music production. Interestingly, these kinds of tools usually designed as horizontal line-ups, in that, lines go to right from the left. But here, it is designed as vertical, where the symbols and texts stream from up to down. It resembles the Matrix screen to some of users.

Technically, the hardware is produced as 7-inch screen on the front, where the lines are shown vertically, that users can use the convenient interface, control, edit and trigger sound samples, as well as getting the MIDI controller.

“This hardware and software gives you limitations. When you have a DAW nowadays with any computer, you can have thousands of tracks and thousands of effects. That is tempting, and it can be a little intimidating. But here you don’t have any fancy graphics. You have to listen to it; the main receptor is your ears. This limitation gives you a kind of freedom that you don’t have to think of the process anymore.”

“If ‘retro appeal’ is code for ‘nerdy,’ then yes, trackers are (not exclusively) for geeks. Musical evolution owes an immeasurable debt to the nerds who have moonshot electronic music to where it is today.”

“He showed me what was going good, what maybe needs improving. That was a very, very important point of the development of this.”

“The wonderful thing about every instrument, from trumpets to trackers, and the Tracker, is that they’re just a medium. Anyone can pick up a saxophone, but nobody will ever sound like Gato Barbieri. It is misguided to hope to sound like anyone else. The Tracker is an instrument that empowers you with an opportunity to express yourself in a way that you aren’t able to with any other instrument.”

Those comments are given by the CEO of Polyend Piotr Raczyński, and the artist -who you should not misunderstand with relative CEO, which is NOT- Bogdan Raczynski. The two came together first in a concert where Bogdan was performing in Poland in 2019. In these times, Bogdan was using the prototype of this product. The idea first appeared as you will remember the extraordinary movement of ‘the banana’ movement back in the years. Bogdan gave its signals for colourful and interesting style of the product by posting this:


If it took your interest and want to get one, you can look for further details and order via this official page of Polyend.


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